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We have been big fans of Zwift since its initial beta and have often used Watopia as a testbed for modeling ideal conditions. With the release of in game Route Badge Achievements we decided to model every available route. These models will help you plan which Zwift routes will best fit into your schedule and training by quickly seeing data such as estimated ride time, average power, IF and TSS for each route. Sample power plans were created using our personal data at roughly 2.5 Watts/Kg, but you can customize the data to match your specific requirements by using our advanced Time Analysis Tool, which is located on each route's power plan page. The Time Analysis Tool allows you to adjust for your own personal drag, power, weight and Crr numbers. For more information on what you can do with BBS check out any of the Route links below!

Innsbruck Routes

Route Type Est. Time Completed  
Innsbruckring Flat 00:16:54 view
2018 UCI Worlds Course Short Lap Mountain 00:56:44 view
Lutsher (CCW) Mountain 01:14:30 view
Lutsher Mountain 01:15:36 view
Achterbahn Mountain 01:53:57 view

London Routes

Route Type Est. Time Completed  
Classique Flat 00:10:01 view
Greater London Flat Flat 00:30:51 view
London Loop Hilly 00:32:01 view
London 8 Hilly 00:41:48 view
Greater London Loop Hilly 00:43:02 view
Greatest London Flat Flat 00:43:37 view
Greater London 8 Hilly 00:48:07 view
Greatest London Loop Hilly 00:54:19 view
Triple Loops Hilly 01:26:10 view
Surrey Hills Hilly 01:34:52 view
London Pretzel Hilly 01:50:24 view
PRL Half Hilly 02:23:00 view
PRL Full Hilly 06:01:58 view

New York Routes

Route Type Est. Time Completed  
The 6 Train Flat 00:12:17 view
Grand Central Circuit Hilly 00:16:28 view
Park Perimeter Loop Hilly 00:19:19 view
Astoria Line 8 Hilly 00:22:35 view
The Highline Hilly 00:22:48 view
Lady Liberty Hilly 00:26:40 view
Mighty Metropolitan Hilly 00:41:53 view
Rising Empire Hilly 00:46:34 view
Knickerbocker Reverse Hilly 00:47:14 view
Knickerbocker Hilly 00:47:52 view
Everything Bagel Hilly 01:12:12 view

Richmond Routes

Route Type Est. Time Completed  
The Fan Flats Flat 00:09:10 view
Cobbled Climbs Hilly 00:19:44 view
2015 UCI Worlds Course Hilly 00:32:25 view

Watopia Routes

Route Type Est. Time Completed  
Volcano Circuit Flat 00:07:32 view
Volcano Circuit CCW Flat 00:07:39 view
Jungle Circuit Hilly 00:17:25 view
Flat Route Flat 00:18:44 view
Volcano Flat Flat 00:22:32 view
Whole Lotta Lava Mountain 00:25:26 view
Tick Tock Flat 00:30:47 view
Tempus Fugit Flat 00:30:56 view
Sand and Sequoias Hilly 00:37:13 view
Volcano Climb Hilly 00:44:25 view
Figure 8 Hilly 00:56:54 view
Figure 8 Reverse Hilly 00:57:10 view
Road to Ruins Hilly 00:58:06 view
Mountain Route Mountain 01:13:47 view
Out and Back Again Hilly 01:16:38 view
Mountain 8 Mountain 01:18:19 view
Muir and The Mountain Mountain 01:22:35 view
Road to Sky Mountain 01:23:09 view
Dust in the Wind Hilly 01:29:52 view
Big Loop Mountain 01:31:56 view
Tour of Fire and Ice Mountain 01:41:08 view
Three Sisters Mountain 01:50:06 view
Bigger Loop Mountain 01:51:08 view
Big Foot Hills Hilly 02:10:24 view
Quatch Quest Mountain 02:31:46 view
The Pretzel Mountain 02:46:22 view
Mega Pretzel Mountain 03:48:11 view
Four Horsemen Mountain 03:48:14 view
The Über Pretzel Mountain 05:10:57 view

Yorkshire Routes

Route Type Est. Time Completed  
Queen's Highway Hilly 00:05:57 view
Duchy Estate Hilly 00:06:04 view
Tour of Tewit Well Hilly 00:24:37 view
2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit Hilly 00:30:08 view
Royal Pump Room 8 Hilly 01:00:39 view

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