Best Bike Split will be back at Kona in full force with analysis of the race on IronmanLIVE, as well as interviews with race favorites and of course some fun bike predictions. We will be monitoring the weather and checking out which athletes are on new equipment to refine our predictions right up to race day. This year we are fortunate enough to have some inside knowledge from pros, so you can look forward to great interviews and content all week long.

Athlete TSS Watts/kg Avg. Watts Avg. Speed Bike Split  
Sebastian Kienle 253 3.87 282.71 watts 25.6 mph 04:23:26 View Plan
Lionel Sanders 248 4.03 292.65 watts 25.3 mph 04:26:30 View Plan
Jan Frodeno 265 3.64 272.41 watts 25.28 mph 04:26:48 View Plan
Joe Skipper 276 3.74 284.72 watts 25.24 mph 04:27:08 View Plan
Daniela Ryf 284 3.81 224.50 watts 23.01 mph 04:53:04 View Plan
Melissa Hauschildt 269 3.79 197.05 watts 22.34 mph 05:01:55 View Plan
Meredith Kessler 276 3.42 198.82 watts 22.25 mph 05:03:07 View Plan
Heather Wurtel 275 3.05 207.31 watts 21.88 mph 05:08:12 View Plan

Kona Demo Race Plan

For those of you who want to try out the Kona Best Bike Split model for yourself we have a demo race plan that allows you to change the power, weight and approximate aerodynamic drag to match your own stats. You can see what power you would need for a specific time or what type of time you could achieve with your power by checking out the Kona demo race plan.

power chart
time analysis chart
weather chart
course map