BBS AI Assistant

The BBS AI Assistant can answer questions about race plan details, provide nutrition advice, suggest workouts, explain significant climbs, provide descriptions of advanced metrics, and even help determine training focus areas.

The Dawn of the AI Assistant in Endurance Sport

As we roll into the end of 2023, we find ourselves at a transformative crossroads in sports technology. One of the most groundbreaking developments in this domain is the advent of advanced AI assistants, poised to revolutionize how athletes and coaches strategize, train, and perform. At Best Bike Split, we're excited to be at the forefront of this innovation with the introduction of our BBS AI Assistant.

A New Era in Artificial Intelligence

Just a few years ago, many of us (including myself) would be classified as AI skeptics, viewing AI as a futuristic concept rather than a practical tool. However, the breathtaking speed of recent advancements has transformed many of the doubtful among us into believers. With the release of technologies such as OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.0, Google's strides with Bard, and Meta’s open-sourcing of LLaMA, we've witnessed AI leap from theoretical potential to practical, impactful reality. These models can now understand context, generate human-like text, and provide insights and recommendations with an accuracy that was unthinkable even a year ago.

Best Bike Split at the Cutting Edge

At Best Bike Split, innovation is woven into our DNA. We have consistently stood at the forefront of technology in endurance sports, pioneering advanced algorithms and optimization modeling to elevate athletic performance. Prior to BBS, we created a company called Optimized Training Labs which developed technology to provide personalized adaptive training plans to triathletes and endurance athletes long before they were mainstreamed by modern training apps. Recognizing the recent surge in AI evolution, we embraced this paradigm shift with the same forward-thinking. Our journey has taken us deep into the realm of AI, exploring prompt engineering, fine-tuning models, and understanding the profound capabilities (and limitations) of this technology. This exploration wasn't just about harnessing AI; it was about refining and adapting it to better serve our community of athletes and coaches, continuing a legacy of innovation that sets Best Bike Split apart.

Introducing the BBS AI Assistant

Our first major milestone in this journey is the launch of our BBS AI Assistant. This feature, accessible to our premium members, is an embodiment of our commitment to bringing professional-grade technological assistance into endurance sports. Currently accessible on the Race Plan Details pages, the BBS AI Assistant can answer questions about race plan details, provide nutrition advice, suggest workouts, explain significant climbs, provide descriptions of advanced metrics, and even help determine training focus areas. Furthermore, with the natural language input ability, you can ask follow-up questions or ask it to provide additional information. One example shown below demonstrates the model's ability to provide a workout (defaulted to zones) and then convert that to the watt ranges based on the athlete's FTP.

create a workout
why this workout

Complementing, Not Replacing, Human Coaching

One might wonder, "Does this mean AI will replace my coach?" Absolutely not. While the BBS AI Assistant is a powerful tool, it is designed to complement and enhance the role of human coaches, not replace them. Coaches will always provide invaluable context, emotional support, and strategic insights based on years of experience and human understanding that AI cannot replicate. What our AI assistant offers are data-driven insights, objective analysis, and instant access to a wealth of information that can support the decision-making process of both coaches and athletes. Try asking it for yourself.

replace my coach

Why This Matters

The implications of integrating AI into sports preparation and strategy are massive. For athletes and coaches, AI doesn't just offer information. It provides customized, intelligent insights. It allows for adjustments based on real-time data, helps in understanding an athlete's body responses, and even helps fine-tune simulations of potential race scenarios. In essence, AI is set to become an invaluable co-pilot in planning, goal setting, and race analysis.

minimum VI

Caveats and Looking Ahead

While the BBS AI Assistant is in its initial stages, we view this as the starting point of an extensive integration of AI into the sport. We anticipate enhancing the assistant's capabilities, expanding its range of functions, and introducing more specialized AI tools. Each subsequent version will learn from the one before, evolving in response to user interactions and feedback. This isn’t to say that the process will always be smooth. Over just this year, we have seen the major rollout of AI be marred by hallucinations and unfactual responses. While this is expected in some cases, we have spent time refining the model, crafting specific data input, and ensuring our prompting helps reduce the occurrence of such issues. This will be a continuous process as we enhance existing and roll out new AI assistants over time.


The dawn of the AI assistant in endurance sports marks a new chapter in athletic preparation and strategy. As these digital assistants become more integrated into our routines, they hold the promise of shaping a future where technology's boundaries are continuously pushed for the betterment of athletic performance. At Best Bike Split, we're just getting started, and we can't wait to lead you into this exciting future.

Join us on this journey. Experience the BBS AI Assistant for yourself and discover how the future of sport is being reshaped. For more information, dive into our FAQ section or engage with the BBS AI Assistant directly through your premium account.