Last year we did an in depth analysis before each stage of the Tour de France. This year we will continue to model all of the stages, but we will focus our deeper analysis on some of the key stages using our latest iteration of the Time Analysis tool with zoomable metrics updates.

For this year's Tour we will focus on the two individual Time Trials. The first TT kicks off the tour in Germany with a short flat race suited for the specialists, while the second takes place on the penultimate day and features a steep section to test the riders going for the GC. There are also 5 mountain stages that we will cover in detail and will look for other key stages to analyze as the Tour progresses.

Over the last year we have continued to improve our Time Analysis tool with a focus on road racing tactics. You can now zoom into specific sections of the course and see how varying Power, Drag, Weight and/or Rolling Resistance will effect these sections. This makes it much easier to analyze the specific watts/kg needed on hill climbs or the pulling power needed for the peloton to chase down a lead group over a specific distance. We have also added a relative wind direction gauge to show viewers the wind direction relative to the rider over the course. Used in conjunction with the TA tool and Time Delta metric teams can look for ideal places on the course to launch an attack, expect an attack or start to reel in breakaways.

time analysis tool

Stage Analysis

For each key stage we will include a stage overview, weather forecast and analysis as well as interactive charts showing power, speed, elevation, weather and course map. You will also have access to our powerful Time Analysis tool which will allow you to adjust power, drag, weight and/or rolling resistance giving you the ability to see the same time deltas that we see in our analysis. Check back for individual stage analysis to be posted here the day before each stage start.