BBS AI Workout Builder

A Vision Realized

At Best Bike Split, our goal has always been to create a comprehensive tool that supports athletes and coaches throughout the season. From setting ambitious goals to preparing meticulously for race day, BBS aims to be your ultimate partner in advanced race-specific planning, training, and execution. Today, I'm excited to announce the next step in our journey with the AI Workout Builder.

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Transforming Training with AI

Last year, we introduced our AI Assistant, and now, we're pushing the boundaries of technology even further with the BBS AI Workout Builder. This innovative tool leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to design structured workouts that cater to the unique needs of every cyclist. By connecting training and performance in a seamless loop, our AI Workout Builder enables users to unlock their full potential.

Whether you're selecting a race plan or detailing specific requirements through an AI prompt, the AI Workout Builder generates workouts that align perfectly with your race strategies, performance objectives, and fitness levels.

BBS AI Workout Details

Seamless and Intuitive Workout Generation

Using the AI Workout Builder is as easy as having a conversation. With or without an existing Best Bike Split race plan, you can request tailored workouts just as you would ask a coach. For example, you might say:

  • "Generate a workout that targets the same zones I will experience in my race."
  • "Create a workout to help me build power for a gravel race with short, punchy climbs."
  • "Build a recovery ride workout that helps with muscle fatigue after a hard race day."
BBS AI Workout Builder

Based on your input, our AI constructs a structured workout comprising steps, each with a description, duration, and a goal percentage of FTP. It also automatically names the workout, writes a brief description, classifies it by zone, and calculates the IF and TSS. You can easily modify workouts to fine-tune durations, intensity levels, and training intervals. Additionally, workouts can be duplicated, downloaded in various file types, and synced to popular platforms like Garmin, TrainingPeaks, and Wahoo.

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Elevating Coaching Efficiency

For coaches, the AI Workout Builder is a transformative tool. It allows the creation and assignment of workouts directly to athletes' libraries or to a "coach's library" for quick distribution to multiple athletes. This streamlines the management of workouts for similar use cases and athletes, making it easier to adjust base workouts to an individual's needs.

The AI Workout Builder simplifies the customization of key workouts for specific events or performance goals. It helps create structured training that simulates actual race conditions, optimizes performance through targeted zone-based intervals, and ensures effective and efficient workouts.

AI Workout Library

A Future of Enhanced Performance

The AI Workout Builder embodies our commitment to helping athletes and coaches go beyond their current best. By integrating advanced AI with our platform, we're making it possible to deliver the highest quality, personalized planning, and training recommendations to every cyclist. This tool is not just an enhancement—it's a transformation in how we approach training, enabling athletes to prepare with precision and confidence for every race day.

At Best Bike Split, we're proud to be at the forefront of this exciting evolution in cycling training and performance. Together, let's continue to set goals, train smart, and race to our fullest potential.