IM World Championship

Race analysis and predictions right up to race morning for this years Ironman World Championship as well as a full Kona race plan demo. [read more]

stage analysis

2017 Tour de France Stages

An overview of each stage as well as analysis of key stages using our Time Analysis tool to determine where on the course changes in power, drag and weight could have the biggest impact on the race. [read more]

Giro d'Italia

Giro d'Italia TT Analysis

This year's Giro d'Italia is set to come down to a nail-biting time-trial finish between Tom Dumoulin and Nairo Quintana. Using Best Bike Split's Time Analysis Tool, we have some predictions for how this exciting race will end. [read more]

United Healthcare

Translating the Tunnel to the Road

A look at how Best Bike Split's new Aero Analyzer tool is helping pro riders like the United Healthcare Cycling Team translate wind tunnel data to real-world conditions. [read more]

mark brownstead

Intro to the Aero Analyzer

This first beta is just the initial step in a deeper level of race analysis we will implement within Best Bike Split. [read more]


2016 IM World Championship

Race analysis and predictions right up to race morning for this years Ironman World Championship as well as a full Kona race plan demo. [read more]


Wahoo Integration

Completing the Vision

The ELEMNT integration really achieves what I had envisioned three years ago as the ultimate way to implement a race day plan. [read more]

stage analysis

Tour de France Stage Analysis

An analysis of each stage by modeling the peloton as if it were a single rider and then using our Time Analysis tool to determine where on the course changes in power, drag and weight could have the biggest impact on the race. [read more]

Watts Per Kg

Analyzing Road Racing

Beyond Watts/Kg

The term watts/kg is often brought up, analyzed (even scrutinized) and for many it's the golden metric. It is a great measure of fitness that also allows for a comparison between athletes, but lets take a closer look. [read more]

Off Season

The "Off Season"

For many athletes (at least those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) winter ushers in the off season. It's funny, the term "off season" seems to suggest that you can put your feet up and relax until the next season starts to ramp up, but athletes and coaches know that the biggest strength gains can come over the off season. [read more]

Time Analysis

Time Analysis Tool

With our new Time Analysis tool we now have the ability to vary Drag, Power and/or Weight for any BBS model run and see the estimated impact to the race in real time. [read more]

Advanced Weather

Advanced Weather Feature

This new feature creates a forecasted weather map for the course based on both location and time. With advanced weather athletes and coaches can really start to factor changing weather conditions into race day planning. [read more]


The Aerodynamics of a Bike Fit

We're always searching for ways to enhance the accuracy of our models and the easiest way to do this is by starting with accurate data. On most courses the biggest force a triathlete or cyclist will have to overcome is aerodynamic drag, so finding an accurate representation of an athlete's drag at varying apparent wind angles (yaw) becomes paramount for accurate models. While most athletes can achieve very good results by simply using our general gear and position selections when setting up their bike profiles, we've found that many believe that they are much more aero than they actually are. We needed a more reliable and realistic estimation of drag for our athletes. [read more]

SpeedConcept 9

Paris-Nice Col d’Èze Time Trial

Trek Factory Racing Uses Best Bike Split to Conquer the Col d’Èze

Best Bike Split’s work with Trek Factory Racing (TFR) allowed us to get insight into very specific rider data to help formulate a pacing strategy for the course. In an uphill time trial we find that equipment choice plays a much more significant role than in a typical TT where the choice is often very clear. For the final stage of Paris-Nice up the Col d’Èze, riders and managers have to decide what bike each individual should ride. Luckily the variables associated with the course and equipment make for a very good use of the Best Bike Split models.

The bike options available to TFR for this race were the super light Émonda road bike, the incredibly aerodynamic Speed Concept or the Émonda with aerobars to allow for a mixed aero climbing position. [read more]

TJ Tollakson

TJ Tollakson

Breaks Course Record at IM Mont Tremblant

TJ mentioned that he and his team had estimated that a 4:30 might require a power target right at 300 watts, but after setting up his Best Bike Split power plan it showed that he could average 279 watts and would ride a 4:28. Knowing that he could average closer to 280 watts and still break 4:30 would give him more confidence that he could run well off the bike while still going for the course record. [read more]

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I used your service to profile the course at IMMT this past weekend en route to my record setting performance.

TJ Tollakson

Eric Reid

Eric Reid

3rd Amateur at IM CDA 2014

Ironman Coeur d'Alene was a breakthrough race for me and the decisive part of the day was on the bike. The decisive part of the bike was my performance in the crosswinds and hills. This was my 4th CdA and 2nd time on the new course and I knew from last year that the course would reward an all-rounder who could climb but also be aerodynamic in the cross-winds on the exposed sections out on highway 95. I had high hopes for my performance there and set goals that I knew were attainable if I could train, absorb training, and perform to my potential. I trained for what I thought the demands of the race would be, in the hopes that I would be able to race more tactically and lose less time to my peers on the climbs than the previous year. [read more]

Best Bike Split was an important tool in my understanding of the drag and resistance numbers that I could improve.

Eric Reid

Josh Amberger

Josh Amberger

Predictions for 70.3 Worlds

After finishing the development of our general model, we wanted to test how well we could predict the times of a Pro Triathlete at various events. We looked around for a Pro who posted power data from races and came across Josh Amberger. We had actually previously followed Josh’s career a bit since he road FLO wheels with much success a couple seasons ago. We also saw that Josh had recently come into possession of the newest Felt rocket ship, the IA. We targeted the 70.3 Worlds as our first prediction test-run. Since we didn’t have any data on the bike itself we took our "super-bike" drag number and knocked a little bit off. For Josh's power number we used his Buffalo Springs Normalized Power. [read more]

Great to be on team @BestBikeSplit, I'm getting some good use out of their new premium service. Check it out!

Josh Amberger

Tour De France

2013 Tour De France

Predictions for Stage 11 Time Trials

As part of our model verification process we decided to test the model’s predicted best possible time against yellow jersey rider Chris Froome heading into the Tour de France’s Individual time trial. Before the 11th Stage we did a model run to determine Chris Froome’s optimal finishing time. The model correctly predicted that given the wind conditions he would be ahead of Tony Martin’s time at the first two checkpoints, and that he would fade over the last section due to the strong head wind component of the cross wind heading to the finish. The model predicted that there was almost no way for him to beat Tony’s time given his estimated power numbers from previous races. [read more]