When you upgrade to a coach subscription you will have the ability to create multiple athletes and manage them like individual premium athlete subscriptions from one place. Our premium features will help you and your athletes plan and train for specific races, execute your optimal race day pacing plan and provide knowledge to help with race specific equipment selections.

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With a Coach Subscription You Get:

  • Wahoo ELEMNT Integration
  • ELEMNT/KICKR Race Simulations
  • Athlete/Client Race Plan Links
  • Unlimited Bike Profiles
  • Duplicate Bike Profiles
  • Unlimited Race Plans
  • Duplicate Race Plans
  • Yaw Angle Distribution Chart
  • Race Analytics Tool
  • Race Plan Comparison Tool
  • Verified Course Requests
  • Goal Race Time Model
  • Training Stress Score Model
  • Advanced Weather Feature
  • Time Analysis Tool
  • Unlimited File Downloads
  • (including Garmin Power Race Plans, TrainerRoad and Zwift files)

Race Analytics Tool

The Race Analytics tool lets athletes and coaches upload ride files and analyze their performance. From this data we can help refine the model settings of the athlete for future race planing. Race Analytics will currently estimate aerodynamic drag factors and allow athletes to update their settings, highlight Variability Index tendencies over time, provide zoomable standard metric calculations and give insight into performance factors by gradient breakdown.

Goal Time Model

Many athletes want to know what it will take to hit a certain time on a course. Our new goal time model will detail the specific power that is needed to achieve a goal time. Knowing this goal power can be extremely valuable when targeting training for a specific race.

Training Stress Score Model

Triathletes especially those racing long distance often want to target a specific TSS figure on the course where they know they can have a good run off the bike. This model will pinpoint the right power level and pacing to ensure that a TSS target is met regardless of the course or conditions. TSS is a combination of %FTP and time on the course, so every race requires a different strategy. This will be invaluable tool for triathletes planning the perfect race!

Advanced Weather Feature

This feature creates a forecasted or historical weather map for multiple points along the course based on both location and time. With advanced weather athletes and coaches can really start to factor changing weather conditions into race day planning.

Time Analysis Tool

The Time Analysis tool gives athletes and coaches the ability to vary Power, Drag, Weight and/or Rolling Resistance for any BBS model run and see the estimated impact to the overall race as well as per segment in real time.

Yaw Angle Distribution

The amount of time spent at certain yaw angles during a race can have an impact on what type of equipment an athlete should use on race day. It may also help an athlete decide what type of wheels or frame they should buy. By running several scenarios on typical conditions for their major races an athlete may see that the $10,000 dollar bike they were going to buy might be the wrong choice.

Wahoo ELEMNT Integration

Achieve your goals following your personal race plan during the race with Best Bike Split Power and Speed Targets on the Wahoo ELEMNT. Race targets update throughout the race corresponding to your rider/bike settings, the specific course and weather conditions from your Best Bike Split race plan. Don't leave your race plan at home on race day! Put your race plan front and center on race day.

ELEMNT/KICKR Race Simulations

When you pair a a Wahoo ELEMNT with Best Bike Split integration to your KICKR you can pre-train any Race plan with the most accurate simulation available. Unlike most programs that purely simulate a course's elevation change, the BBS simulation factors in elevation change, wind effects, expected rolling resistance, rider/bike weight and rider specific aerodynamic drag that changes based on the wind and course conditions.

ERG / MRC Downloads

ERG and MRC file downloads allow athletes to mimic a race effort as accurately as possible in training. Using TrainerRoad, Zwift, RGT, Rouvy, PerfPRO or multiple other training platforms a user can download a course and know that the power output prescribed is going to match the intensity expected during a race for their specific equipment as well as the wind and road conditions.

Garmin Power Courses

This is one of our favorite features and is something we will continue to develop and enhance. This file can be loaded into a Garmin Edge or 910xt/920xt and makes use of what we call "Power Based Navigation". The file acts like a standard Garmin Course file, but instead of turn-by-turn directions it gives Power instructions as you hit certain points on the course. This really makes Best Bike Split the ultimate tool for training, planning and race-day execution.

TCX Activity File

A very powerful feature available in Best Bike Split is the ability to download an activity file that corresponds to a race plan. This file can be uploaded into any analysis tool such as Strava, Garmin Connect, Golden Cheetah, etc to see how the plan compared to an actual race. This can help athletes fine tune the model and analyze where they may be able to race smarter and more efficiently.

Race Plan Comparison Tool

The Race Plan Comparison Tool allows you to compare details of up to three race plans side by side as well as overlaying the power plans and yaw distributions charts for each. This tool is a very easy way to compare the effects of variables such as bike types, components, wheel selection, weather conditions and power output on the overall race times.

Power and Speed Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets give you approximate watts and speed for each type of course scenario you might encounter during your race. Print your cheat sheet and tape it to your top tube for a quick fool proof pacing reference on race day.

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