Fougères to Chartres

Stage 7 / Friday, July 13th

In this year's longest stage don't expect too much excitement from the main contenders. Early breaks will look for TV coverage, and could stay away if there is no effort from the group to pull into what would be a typical prevailing head wind. Sprint teams will be eyeing more wins today and tomorrow so there will be some effort to keep breaks in check. Positioning will be important right before the final 2 km point where there is a sharp but not overly technical round-about before the long stretch to the finish. A lapse in focus after a long day in the saddle could cause a crash or some havoc here. Get additional Data-Driven Coverage of the Tour on TrainingPeaks.

Stage Analysis

For this stage the peloton was modeled as a single entity using the typical pulling power exhibited by riders at the front of the main group. If you want to see what the power would be like sitting in the peloton, just use the Time Analysis Tool to lower the drag by 50% and lower the power until the adjusted and original times match up.