Noirmoutier-en-l'Île to Fontenay-le-Comte

Stage 1 / Saturday, July 7th

The winds can change quickly and gust quite strongly here, so there is potential for some splits to form early on. Once the route turns inland the prevailing wind will be out of the east, which should bring everyone back together for a large group finish. The final major turn towards the finishing strait happens with a little over 1 km to go then it's full gas to the end. The sprinters will have their eye on the yellow jersey, so expect fireworks and speeds upwards of 75 km/h at the finish line. Get additional Data-Driven Coverage of the Tour on TrainingPeaks.

Stage Analysis

For this stage the peloton was modeled as a single entity using the typical pulling power exhibited by riders at the front of the main group. If you want to see what the power would be like sitting in the peloton, just use the Time Analysis Tool to lower the drag by 50% and lower the power until the adjusted and original times match up.