Cycling Time Trial Podcast

Cycling Podcast loosely based on Time Trials by Mark Florence

September 2016

The quest to combine hard mathematical facts with cycling athletic performance is here and we, as time trialists, have more tools than ever to help hone everything from aerodynamic position to the perfect pacing strategy. Please visit the Cycling Time Trial Podcast for this and other podcast.

Jan Frodeno


Jan Frodeno's Power File

Quarq / October 2015

2015 Ironman World Championship

The Best Bike Split team was in Kona for the 2015 Ironman World Championship and after the race we were invited to review and help break down the overall champion, Jan Frodeno's power file along with Quarq and TrainingPeaks. Check out a video of the power analysis from Quarq and gain some insights into how Jan managed the race and pulled away heading into T2.

Best Bike Split at Kona


Best Bike Split and TrainingPeaks

Ironman / October 2015

2015 Ironman World Championship

This year at the Ironman World Championship Ryan Cooper and Andrew Johnson sat down with Ironman to discussed Best Bike Split and TrainingPeaks. They talked about the features of both Best Bike Split and TrainingPeaks that are helping athletes at all levels perform up to their capabilities on race day.

Triathlete Magazine

Triathlete Magazine

Scout Your "A" Race Course

Triathlete Magazine / June 2015

Creating A Pacing Plan

High-Tech Version: Create a detailed bike leg estimate using Best Bike Split, which will take your power data, course info and race-day conditions to give you a power plan to target your best bike split.

The High-Tech Advantage: Pro TJ Tollakson used Best Bike Split to predict his time for Ironman Mont Tremblant. He had estimated that a 4:30 might require a 300 watt average but his Best Bike Split power plan showed he could average 279 watts and ride a 4:28. He ended up riding 4:26:55, averaging 278 watts, for a record setting performance.

Read the full article in the June 2015 issue of Triathlete Magazine.

Velo News

Velo Magazine

Calculated Competition
Computational Innovation is Taking its Place in the Pantheon of Sports Science

Velo Magazine / March 2015

As Best Bike Split is quickly becoming a leader in race optimization, we were asked to help with a recent article for Velo Magazine about data-driven racing.

Ryan Cooper, founder of Best Bike Split is quoted in the article as saying, "I think some of the teams are still a bit old hat. But what Sky does, and Trek does, and what some other teams are doing, they're starting to come around to the fact that there's more science that you can put behind this, especially in time trials, or team time trials."

Read the full article in the March 2015 issue of Velo Magazine on page 55.

Training Peaks


TrainingPeaks Acquires Best Bike Split

December 2014

TrainingPeaks acquires Best Bike Split to help athletes and coaches predict, train and plan for race day. Best Bike Split uses advanced math modeling to predict your goal time and wattage, plan power targets for optimal training, and create a detailed race day plan.

Read the complete announcement by TrainingPeaks co-founder and CEO Gear Fisher on the TrainingPeaks website.

Universal Sports

Universal Sports

Best Bike Split Used to Predict Wiggins Win

Universal Sports Network / September 2014

NBC's Universal Sports Network used Best Bike Split to analyze and predict Bradley Wiggins win over Tony Martin during their live broad cast of the 2014 UCI Road Cycling World Championships. The Men’s Elite Individual Time Trial was held in Ponferrada, Spain on Wednesday, September 24th with commentary by Steve Schlanger, Dotsie Bausch and Todd Gogulski. Earlier in the week Ryan Cooper of Best Bike Split spoke with Dotsie about the top riders and gave some predictions based on models that Best Bike Split had run. According to Ryan, Wiggins would be about 17 seconds ahead of Martin in the time trial. The actual difference was about 26 seconds!

You can watch the full broadcast on the Universal Sports website with access from participating service providers.

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Trek Factory Racing

Trek Factory Racing

Trek Factory Racing Announces Partnership

August 2014

Trek Factory Racing is happy to announce a partnership with Best Bike Split. The Austin, Texas based company will provide the team with software to plan time trial pacing strategies, select the ideal equipment for race day conditions and determine other course specific tactical choices, in particular for time trials.

Jordan Roessingh, TFR’s Technical Manager says, "Best Bike Split's software is very powerful and the team is going to benefit a great deal from it.".

Read the full Trek Factory Racing press release for more information.

Triathlete Magazine

Triathlete Magazine

Power Predictor

Triathlete Magazine / September 2014

We were approached during the summer by Triathlete Magazine about doing a small write up on Best Bike Split and being avid readers of the magazine we were truly honored. This is very exciting for us, especially with knowing what the impact of being in such a great publication could mean for our little company.

Here's a little quote from the article. "All these ingredients yield a program that has the potential to enhance a race strategy and help you think about your power data proactively rather than reactively".

Read the full article in September 2014 issue of Triathlete Magazine on page 62.

Data 2014 Finalist


Celebrating the Year's Best Creative Technologies

DATA 2014 / Pittsburgh, PA / May 7-8, 2014

DATA 2014 is a national celebration of creative technologies in Pittsburgh, PA.

Founded at the intersection of Design, Art and Technology, this two-day event is an opportunity to engage with folks around the country on the newest trends in creativity and innovation. DATA is an event like no other - a mash-up of networking, interactivity and new ideas - showcasing the year's most innovative art and technology projects, experiments and achievements.

Read more about DATA 2014 and vote for Best Bike Split at design-art-tech.com.

Triathlon Lifestyle

Best Bike Split Reviewed

Advanced Modeling for Triathletes, Cyclist and Cycling Teams

Triathlon Lifestyle / April 2014

Best Bike Split is a new web application that uses specific details about an athlete’s power abilities and equipment to create a time prediction as well as a power pacing strategy for any upcoming race. The two creators of this site Ryan Cooper and Rich Harpel have spent hundreds of hours developing, testing, and refining their algorithms with the goal of making Best Bike Split the standard for predictive race modeling and analysis for triathletes and time-trialists racing with power meters. With multiple top professional triathletes and a World Pro Tour cycling team turning to them for help it seems like they are on their way. Best Bike Split has recently transitioned from it's beta phase to a member based web application. Standard members will have access to the core functionality of the site, but to unlock all of the features and benefits members will want to upgrade to a premium membership. We were able to get early access to newest premium version of Best Bike Split to provide a review of it's features. [complete article]

Triathlon Lifestyle

Introduction to Power Meters

The Future of Triathlon Cycling is Already Here

Triathlon Lifestyle / March 2014

Over the past 10-15 years the cycling industry has come a very long way. The study of the science behind cycling aerodynamics and the body's response to cycling has grown exponentially over this time. It can be argued that the rise of triathlon has been a primary reason for this explosive growth. [complete article]

Tri Mag

A Tool to Check Out

Tri Mag / March 20, 2014

We made the cover of French triathlon magazine Tri Mag! The cover reads "Best Bike Split, un outil a decouvrir" which roughly translates to "Best Bike Split, a tool to check out". [read more]

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Aero vs. Weight - Follow Up

FLO Cycling / March 5, 2014

We wrote a blog article at the end of January titled "The Great Debate - Aero vs. Weight". To write the article, we partnered with Ryan Cooper - the brains behind Best Bike Split - to simulate the effects of wheel aerodynamics vs. weight on some very popular bike courses. The goal was to determine what saved you more time, aerodynamics or weight. With the exception of climbing the Alpe d'Huez, a "heavy" aerodynamic wheel set was faster than an extremely lightweight but "non-aero" wheel set on every course. I'll add by a considerable amount. [read more]

The Great Debate - Aero vs. Weight

FLO Cycling / January 28, 2014

What will save you more time? Improving the aerodynamics, or decreasing the weight of your wheel set? Jon and I have probably been asked this question hundreds if not thousands of times since starting FLO. When designing FLO wheels we focussed primarily on aerodynamics. We did that because in almost every situation possible, aerodynamics have a far greater impact on time saved than weight. However, I don't just want to claim that. In true FLO Cycling fashion, I want to do my best to prove that fact. To do that, I asked a VERY smart friend to help me out. [read more]

Best Bike Split - Ryan Cooper Interview

FLO Cycling / December 31, 2013

During the 70.3 World Championships last year, athlete Josh Amberger was staying with me. He received a tweet from @BestBikeSplit stating he was going to ride 2:15 on the Vegas course. Josh thought this was rather slow and a twitter discussion began. A few days later, Josh blasted off the front of the of the bike course and to his disbelief, he road a 2:15 and @BestBikeSplit was right on the money. Naturally I thought, how did he predict that time with that amount of accuracy? [read more]

Le Dicteur De Temps Et De Stratégie Pour Vos Courses.

Trimes / December 7, 2013

Des jeunes enthousiastes de notre sport ont récemment créer BestBikeSplit. C’est quoi? Un module web gratuit qui permet d’estimer votre temps sur une course mais aussi de vous recommander la stratégie à suivre en fonction de la pente. Il est difficile de savoir si les algorithmes sont très précis, mais leurs simulations sembles très proches de ce qui a été observé en course. [read more]

Optimización del Parcial de Ciclismo

Am Triathlon / December 4, 2013

Best Bike Split es una herramienta en-línea para la optimización del parcial de ciclismo que utiliza las características del atleta, su bicicleta y el circuito para estimar la distribución del esfuerzo que produciría el mejor parcial de ciclismo con una intensidad relativa predeterminada. El uso básico es gratuito, muy sencillo y los primeros resultados parecen muy prometedores. [read more]